Homenagem para Evanescence - Our way is for you

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Our way is for you

One night I learned my track

These days have come and gone

I love the way which I’ve chosen

Some say I’m crazy for this love

But it’s a freefall all through life

I can’t change who I am

Suddenly we know, we’re not sleeping

We see, we’re not lost or alone.

Although our spirits have slept somewhere cold

And these days have come and gone

We can hear when you’re whispering

We can think when you’re singing

If I can’t feel your words

I’m not mine, I’m not real.

When you shut

Everything falls and all is lost.

I become selfish hated


Then I try to run, run, run…

And I go under.

Please, please, we need you.

If you give up

We’re falling forever.

I wait for a hug of your spell.

So, these days have come and gone.

How can the shadows fell so wrong?

Those aren’t.

We’ve been alone all along

This truth drives me into madness

However, it’s into darkness that I know myself.

I’ve looked in the mirror and can’t see my face.

I’m not the only one.

We wish to listen to the rain

Just to remember:

Our drams aren’t late.

So many fears were swimming around in my mind

Is that my life?

I cannot stay here other night

These days have come and gone

Your secret admirer, who could it be?

That’s not me!

We’ve could breath no more

Monsters are showing my name.

And I’m so tired of being here.

I can’t scream, I can’t scream.

Are we gonna wake up without you there?

Are we gonna be the sweet sacrifice ourselves?

We need a help.

It is through this that

I’d wish to make you see us!

And I’m still waiting for the rain to fall

Pour real life down on me

We’ll be together again

This is not the end

We’ll find the way

I know, this is not the end.

The days had come and gone

I never thought I would say that

We never thought there’d be you

You are all we have

Forever you!


(A poem made by Ariotho with Evanescence's songs)
(Um poema feito por Ariotho com canções de Evanescence)



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imagem de Thief
É... já fizeream coisas assim

É... já fizeream coisas assim antes, mas é válido do mesmo jeito ;D 

Enviado por Thief em qua, 2010-12-08 14:57.
imagem de Bárbara_Evanescence
O.O nao entendi nada rsrs pq


nao entendi nada rsrs

pq nao colocou uma traduçãozinha poxa =/
poxa levei um tempinho pra traduzir (Google Tradutor) rsrs

Enviado por Bárbara_Evanescence em seg, 2010-12-06 09:40.
imagem de Ariotho
Talvez, por ser fã,

Talvez, por ser fã, entenderá... O.o

Enviado por Ariotho em ter, 2010-12-07 03:59.
imagem de Ariotho
Cada um sabe pq escreve, rsrs

Cada um sabe pq escreve, rsrs

Enviado por Ariotho em qua, 2010-12-08 16:30.
imagem de Bárbara_Evanescence
hum q coisa


q coisa

Enviado por Bárbara_Evanescence em qui, 2011-01-06 19:06.


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